#Spymaster Has Arrived.

A Super Spy action role playing game. 

System 21. Is the engine that runs this pleasingly elegant, action filled #tabletop game.

Ordinary Playing Cards and something to use as tokens, is all that is needed once you have a copy of this lovingly crafted rule book. 

The rules are light and follow the guidelines of the card game Blackjack. 

So System 21 will open new avenues of thinking. Broaden your Horizons. Open the game that you have looked for all these years. You will be playing in minutes. Adding new and more interestingly creative rules as you go. 

Running in at less than 70 pages. It is a complete rules system. As it’s a Modern day #rpg the setting is the world around you. The film’s you enjoy are your guide to playing and running #Spymaster the RPG.

Including Driving and Chase rules. Weapons and Armour and even a Bestuary.

Take the jump into a new world and a new game. You won’t regret it.

“Storm Castle Ustarda “


This is part one of the audio  Dungeons and Dragons game I ran today Sunday the 25 January.  I haven’t listened to it yet as I hate the sound of my voice as I hear it every day.  Tell me what you think of the game.


What the F*** are you Talking About? or Swearing in Dungeons & Dragons or Swearing in Any Fantasy Settings

What the F*** are you looking at ?

What the F*** are you looking at ?

You know the words I mean. we all use them from time to time or if not then you think of them.
Yes you do!

Well this short post is due to the fact I have started a book and withing the first three paragraphs the word F*** was used. It is a fantasy book. Wizards and monsters and to me this kinda ruined the fantasy feel of the story.
Do you feel the same about the use of , what i see, modern words?

Some people will point out that these word have been in use for hundreds of years. Well ok, but that is not the point. I am old enough that i remember when a swear word was used on that modern creation. TV.

I was so embarrassed as my parents were in the room and i felt guilty that its was my fault and i would be punished that it was there on the telly. There, because even as a child it was a bad word and should never be used. especially not in front of my mom.

So, Now this book i am reading, it used this word and other words that change the feel of a fantasy setting.

Dungeons & Dragons is the most well known and understood as well as most misrepresented setting of all time. So a swear word just adds to that fact.

What do you think?
Do you have you PC’s or even NPC’s swear in your stories and games?
If you had a better choice of words, that you was happy to use in your story or at your table, would you use them?

2000ad’s Judge Dredd and the Future world he inhabits have created many such words, which from time to time i still use myself.
Crudd! Drokk! are just two and they work just fine.

So, now, I am looking for a list of words that can act like a profanity but are in reality have no such History.
Leave your idea or ideas in the comments and we will see what we end up with by the end of October.

I don’t know. I am not your GM ?


               Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s one of the main reasons that most of use Roleplay.
Then you remember that time that you took the step from Player to Game master. Yes, of course you do.
For most of use that do run games we love it with a passion and drive that is uncompromising. 

You run games for years, players come and go. Yet you remain the GM throughout.  Come rain or shine.
Ok, now you understand what I am waffling on about.

Then that day comes along that you say. “Hey, I want to be a player for a while”.
You ask and if you are lucky a player steps up to the plate and offers to run a game.
Now, you are excited.  You get to make that character that you have always want to play. That hybrid Dwarf/Elf Ranger that has Gender issues.  Yes this is true. Just ask @greywulf over on twitter and find him here.
http://greywulf.net/ .

So you make your character and sit yourself at the table. Your new Games Master starts his game.

Instantly in your mind you start to question what this upstart GM is doing.
You say to yourself.  I wouldn’t do it that way. Why have they done that. Oh for goodness sake.

You know you do it. You can’t help yourself. So now how do you go about tell. No not telling, teaching that new GM what you know.
What you have learned over all those years. You do not want to upset anyone but this game isn’t  the greatest. How do you bridge that gap between imparting your knowledge and being over critical.

Now I am not writing this to tell you how you should go about it. I’m writing this to  find out  what you do. What you say. What system do you use.

How do you teach the ancient art of Games Mastering.

Handout the Handouts.

Getting more from your games. Dungeons & Dragons is all about the the immersion in the story and the game. @Slyfourish writes on his blog about handouts. It reminded me that last week for my @D&D 4th Edition game I made a handout.

I used to do them all the time years ago and I had given up but this game deserves something extra.

I took the time to make a note that was found on a corpse.

Here is how I did it…

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Beverages Made Epic


Well you are at your favourite games table.  Be it Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu or any other RPG. You reach for that choice of drink. You know the one. That one that hits the special place in your thirst.
Today it’s just not as epic as the game. Well hang in there, there is help on its way.

The contents of the tin isn’t important but as you can see here I happen to have had a gorgeous Japanese beer.

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Dungeons n Dragons. A Games Master’s Review

gamers gaming

This weekend just gone I went to Birmingham and the UK Games Expo.
Been to this event a few times now but this time decided to run Five Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition games. In doing this as a Game Master it granted me free entry to the whole weekend at the expo plus a room for two nights and expenses for food.

Of course I’m going to go for these options. All I had to do now was submit five 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game ideas and hope all were excepted.

Within a day I had written five short synopsis for each of my game ideas. Within days they were excepted.All I had to do now was write them…

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Taking my Medication

Tablets mean the world to a digital artist. That Is the Digital Artist Tablet not the kind from the pharmacy. No confusion there then.

I am just dipping my toes into that world of digital art. I love the worlds of Super Heroes, Dungeons and Dragons and Any form of Role-playing games. That is where I have taken my influence for these following pictures.  I like to have a Character drawing for every Character I play.

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