Plastikos Purgatorium


plastic perfection

Why Is It, as a gamer, a player of rpg’s I crave these little things.

I now own loads. So many in fact that I would never play with or use them all, but yet I still want more. Yes they are lovely to look at and display upon your shelf gathering dust until the one time you take them down to use for the purpose they are intended.

I now think that they are something to show off.  “look at what I have, ha you haven’t”.  I found myself doing the same thing just today via Twitter, less of the ha “look what I have” in a horrible sense but yes I was showing off.

These little plastic toy soldiers are our way to battle as adults and not feel silly about It, although I’m sure there are plenty of people desperate to ridicule us for It. They bring me joy, I like to look at them and as often as I can,play DnD with them. But, when that Is over for another game session they go back to the shelf or storage ready for that one time they are lifted back to the forefront of our lives, to shine just for that one  moment.

I’M not saying that I will stop buying and playing with these little nuggets of Moulded goodness, I’m just fascinated by our fascination.

So to End I just think that these little babies should have a bit more of the spotlight and If you have a special figure in your rpg life, give It some love even when not upon the battle map with a Bloodied marker hanging around It.

I heart you my mini’s

I have to take time also to stand back in sheer bewilderment at the skill and talent that It takes to model just one of the countless designs that are available to us. In the original creation the detail is astounding. So I bow to the modellers greatness



  1. I’m with you on this sentiment. I own way more minis than I can ever use, and I tend to buy stuff in advance based on cool encounter ideas I have, e.g. the Mustafari Flea mini from Star Wars Mini’s for use in Dark Sun.

    I don’t really display mine, I store them in plastic diy parts bins, and large plastic drawers. My orcus mini stands guard over the kitchen from above the fridge, and I usually randomly pull out a set of minis and have them on my desk at work.

    For me, minis are brilliant, they give a great representation of the monsters, are easier to sort than tokens and pre-painted ones are perfect as I can’t paint…

  2. Let me tell you, I envy you. I wish I had even ONE mini. The truth is, I have no minis to my name. I’ve recently been thrust into the role of DM. I rely on one player to bring his own extensive collection each session. Additionally, I have zero artistic ability, so painting my own is out of the question. Enjoy what you have, and don’t worry if you have more than you ever need. Immerse yourself into whatever makes you happy. As long as you don’t hurt those who depend on you, you’ll be fine.

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