Get This Party Started

Getting the Heroes together, creating that adventuring  Party. It takes a lot more than “You meet in a Tavern, You all know each other. A dark stranger approaches you and offers you work.”

party anyone

When I start a game, I want You as a player to be dragged in from the Start to feel the thrill and say. “Hey, what the!” Then,hang on for a ride that will keep you thrilled. The Start of any game, Like a film or Book Is the part that tells you how It means to continue.  So here are my TOP TEN getting the party together ideas.

10.  A plague Is spreading hard and fast through the land, leaving your homeland you head to the one  refuge that the Sages and Clerics talk about. There you gather with other survivors and take it upon yourselves to find the cause. Possibly the cure.

9, A war has ravaged your lands, Evil has shown its hand to many times. You took the call to arms and went to war for your family and king. You are standing upon the field of battle. Bodies, both friend and foe are scattered at your feet. The King gathers you all together and tasks you with defeating the evil at its source.

8, Each hero has been in possession of a Birth stone. They think they are the only one that a future has been foretold until the Stone begins to glow and the heroes find themselves together in a new land and a new challenge ahead of them.

7, All the Heroes are members of a Guild one way or another. They are asked by Their Respective Guild Masters that they are to keep the Guilds vested interests safe. So a party of Guild members is created.

6, Each Hero, independently sent on an errand to discover evil intentions All heroes arrive at the same location at the same time with the same agenda.

5, All are part of a Caravan. they are paying passengers. After an attack they are the sole survivors. Now they must find who called the attack and why.

4, Your Heroic future has been foretold. You are taken to a location to be tortured  and killed. As you are all gathered together you are now a force to be reckoned with.

3, The Gods are in competition. The heroes are summoned be it from  resurrection or just a calling and commanded to be a team for the gods.

2, A disaster has poisoned ambient magic, making all magic items cursed. The heroes need to find out why and meet at the wizard who can give them the answers or so they hope.

These are a vague as possible, just to give you some ideas on how the Heroic party is formed and why they should all travel together. There should always be that underlying task or challenge. If some are already friends then that is still ok too.

You may have noticed number one is missing. That’s where you come in.

1, Can you fill this space.? Tell me what you would do.



  1. Good post.

    Over in the world of superheroes, getting the heroes together is as simple as saying they’re all part of the team team, either due to shared origin or because the just happen to live in the same city and have come together to fight a common evil.

    When it comes to fantasy gaming though, it’s a bit trickier to explain how (for example) a druid, paladin, rogue and dark pact warlock all happen to be within 100 miles of each other, let alone in the same party.

    One way might be that they’re all drafted into the army and serving in the same unit. Or they’re related (I started one mini-campaign with the reading of a will). Alternatively, they could be convicts working in a chain gang (another great starting point!).

    Hope that give you some ideas 🙂

  2. I prefer to let the players come up with a reason for them joining together, and let them hang their idea from a rough background for the campaign/adventure i’m running.

    My favourite has got to be my York dark sun group. Each player came up with an individual background, then they wove those into a group background, and then I threw them in at the deep end, having them be sat in the great arena of Tyr at the moment when Kalak was killed. Their group background was that of a group of mercenaries hired by a noble house to protect one of their veiled alliance spies.

  3. I liked #9 very much.
    But I’d make them a part of doomed expedition to far away land lead by a prince who was framed by enemy, charged with treason and sent here to certain death. Prince and the party are the only survivors after the battle. They flee and prince is mortally wounded and he makes them take an oath to avenge his death and make sure all the men here haven’t died in vain. They should build a kingdom and return to crash the rotten empire.
    During the first session they find some survivors, make a small village and our sandbox begins…

    (I can also totally describe my character to you… :D)

  4. I’m trying something new in my campaign (first game is tonight). The Dresden Files RPG has a great system on character creation that includes binding the party together. Everyone writes down their first adventure on a note card. Than you shuffle them up and pass them back out (making sure no one gets their own). That player writes another paragraph about how they were on the same quest. Shuffle, deal, and write one more time and now every player has already had a quest and background with two others.

  5. number all the characters. roll a dice. that person staggers into the inn with a knife in their back, having been attacked. they get a little free reign in describing their attackers. they are at death’s door but there is someone at hand (party member or NPC) that can stop them from actually dying.

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