I’m thinking of

Been very slow in posting anything and this is getting me down.

Well I want to be of interest to someone so that’s why I started this. I love gaming although I’m not getting enough. No dirty thoughts please this Is a clean blog, for now.  Anyway, about my gaming. I seem to be getting to play once every few months. This Is what Is getting me low in my gaming mood.

because of Twitter and the friends i have made it keeps me in touch with the hobby that I enjoy and have a passion for. So thanks twitter friends (group hug).

I thought I would have a rant on my Blog about this as that’s what it’s there for. I have just finished reading a blog about a woman and her lack of interactions on the London Tube. that gave me the moment to decide, “Look just write as It comes ok” so I am.

In less than a day now I will be getting up at 03:00 am (not unusual as my job entails these hours of the day) to then drive via Milton Keynes to Nottingham.

This is for a Gaming Event that I have become a part of. It has given my gaming purpose and drive.  After Saturday It will be over again until October (OctoCon, I named that) so then back to just talking about it. Yes I sound like I feel sorry for myself and you are right I do and why not.

This Event has had my gaming brain in motion for a good few weeks now, It’s not pleasing my wife at all. I spend time on the computer I spend money on my hobby and to be honest she doesn’t want to, get it.  I’ve taken this as Fine its up to you but please don’t bring me down about it.

My Game let me tell you about my game. well as its Only tomorrow I shouldn’t  really as my players may read it but, It has flying battles and pirates, fortress and fiends a plenty. I’ll  let you know how it goes, OK.

I’m not going to Ramble on any more i just need to get that out of my system.

Talk soon ok.

Off to eat that sausage sandwich now.


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