That Thing We do

Well, What a day yesterday was.

It started at about 1am for me as I couldn’t sleep. So laid until about  02:30.Thought sod It started getting things for my trip to Nottingham and the great Gaming Event that Is becoming of the #UKDNDTWEETUP.

departed the house just before 04:00. I had two pick-ups to make one here In Ipswich and two more over In Milton Keynes. Then straight to Nottingham. arrived about 08:30 so It was a Good run with some new friends in the car made the time go well.

Well. What can I say. The doors opened and people started arriving, we talked joked and laughed. We Got our Amazing goodie bags which held mini’s and books and token, comic and much more as I’m not listing everything.

Getting  acquainted with old and new #Twitter friends. Is the best start to any event. So that was great too. Then the Idea of gaming was what we was here for. Time to read the intro’s to the games to choose. Not wanting to brag ( head swell) my table filled very quickly. My Intro hit the spot that players wanted. Here is my intro:

“Astral War:A Storm of war is brewing.
Soon it will take the world totally unaware.
This is where it ends, with blood and pain and retribution.

This Storm knows you, it calls your names.

The only warning a distant howling wind like the cry of a wounded animal
and a slowly darkening sky.”

War has broken out in the Astral Plane and your world is about to become
one of the beach-heads of the search for resources and slaves
to fuel their fighting. A Githyanki scout ship has crashed not far from
your city and a local sage has predicted the coming invasion from the
Astral plane UNLESS your heroes can destroy the Githyanki portal stone
hidden deep in the Astral.

Take your characters into the unforgiving Astral Plane and see if YOU
can survive ‘The Astral War’!

Sorted tables and to cut a story short we got straight into the game. We played for about two and a half hours before we broke for lunch, which was a lovely spread and choice of food. had plenty. After a quick talk to the other tables to enquire how their games were going then back to our game. The drama was there and the players put a lot of effort into their play which I loved and I wish i had these players all the time Thanks guys. You can find my players on twitter too. I had to reduce the length of my game due to some players needing to go. This wasn’t the best thing but to be honest It allowed me to do something dramatic sooner than expected. I hope it ended well for them.

If you did take part In my game or any of the games going on, on the day then please post a comment. We all would love to hear what you thought of the event and your thoughts on what we need for our next one.



  1. I had a great time at UKT2 and we both loved your game. I’ve only had D&D experience in one other game that we play in weekly so I found myself afterwards comparing things a lot to our weekly game and just wishing that you ran our weekly game!!
    We knew when the date was set we had to be in Norwich for 7pm for a live Mage game but when we crunched the numbers we were so happy when we worked out we were going to be able to do both events, I’d have been so gutted if I’d have missed this! Thanks for being understanding when we had to rush out the door, wish we could have stayed longer. The next one is in the diary though and we’ll be there for the whole 2-dayer – hoping to have you GM us again! ^_^

  2. Had a great time playing in Adam’s game, Karalel’s Revenge, in which we played pregen characters built using the forthcoming Heroes of Shadow book. It was really nice to meet everyone, although didn’t get to speak to one or two people I know from Twitter which was a shame.

    Suggestions for next time would be to have enough goodie bags for everyone (I missed out), find a way to speed up the raffle (maybe bundle some prizes together?) and go for a beer afterwards!

    Thanks to you and Adam for organizing a great day!


  3. Cheers man! It was an excellent day all round – good people, good games and good times. It was the first experience I’ve had playing 4e (and the first time I’ve actually played D&D proper in a good five years!) – it didn’t disappoint. The guys we played with were up for fun, there was a lot of experimentation (which I’m pleased to say was encouraged) and most importantly the story was allowed to run.

    Still feeling a bit guilty for letting poor Kieran to get caught in the blast during the finale, though!

  4. I loved yesterday, i only had 2 problems. Not enough socializing, I wanted to talk to everyone there for longer especially someone i consider a good friend, Simon.

    and problem number 2 it didnt go on long enough. I loved yesterday it was so fun and cannot wait for ukt3

  5. Nice to see you again Simon. Echoing some comments above, I didn’t get to speak to everyone I wanted to and those I did, I didn’t speak to for long enough.

    But it was still an awesome time! Not sure how we’re going to top that with #ukt3, but I’m sure the effort will be made to do so.

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