My train of thought and other strange happenings

Whenever I’m at work, my mind is always active but not always about my job. Roleplaying games are my passion. I eat it, sleep it, think it. I just do not get enough of it. D&D 4th Edition is my game of choice.
At the moment I’m on a train heading into England’s Capitol, London.

Work is the best time to think about stories and development of stories. I try to bring some of what I know into the games I run. Even though the games I run are few and far between.

I listen to lots of Podcasts, a great source of information on how others run there games and I get ideas and helpful hints from these programs. But I want more, more information, more people to tell me that when I do run a game that its good and they want more of it. Who doesn’t want praise for the effort and time they put into these games. Just like a film director wanting great reviews for his latest film. As they say your only as good as your last film or as in my case as good as my last game.

I try my best every time I run, I try to be better than my last game but, you know how it is. Your not going to get it every time.

I loosing it again. I start one thing and digress into something else.

I draw, I write. Whenever I get a free moment I carry a sketch book with me everywhere now also I write my ideas to my phone to email to myself for later run through. I so wish more people around me shared my fun my game experiences. For now I will get by with friends from Twitter and those I visit whenever I can.

Well I’m here, I’m into London. so until next time something crosses my mind. I’ll catch you soon.

Today 07/04/11

I was thinking about the same stuff again today. Yeah you guessed, gaming. I finding that I worry that I do not worry about rules enough. Peoples blogs and tweets have a lot of rules chat.  So I came to thinking that as I do not talk rules. Am I lacking in knowledge about the games I love to run?

I think It’s not a fact that I know very little It’s how much I can recall. I tend not let it bother me when I’m actually playing as there Is always someone at the table who loves rules and will remember every one.  If I stall long enough then they come up with the rule that was in question. (less than a second usually).

So you will find that when i talk about my gaming , It will not be about the +5 that was gained or the -2 That was lost, but, The leap from the horse taking out the savage boar that was bearing down on that young Tiefling or even The fighters sweeping blow that cut through armour, muscle and bone, with the blade coming to rest embedded into the wooden great hall floor.

These are the ways I want to run games and for players to remember those game.  I hope you like me for It.

Call back in soon ok?

Today 02 June 2011

I feel bad. Not ill or anything but that I have yet to place anything new upon my blog .

I have started at least three articles. Started is all that I have done. The motivation to write has gone for a while. The reason I think is the amount of fantastic and prolific writers that are out there. I’m unable to compete, not that I’m trying to but you know how it is when someone does it way better and way more often.

I’ll be back as soon as I’m able to put more than two lines together. I hope that you still look in from time to time to see what happening if anything.

Maybe I should post a new picture I have done or something…

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I run a lot of D&D though, but when it’s epic… who can I tell? None at work understand or care about the game at all. I know this enough that I get away with saying no more than. “My game was awesome last night man.” Then I move on… because I know they don’t care.

    Then the players, they enjoy it, they thank me for the game, but do they really even know how cool it was? All the plot hooks they nibbled at for next time, I can’t tell them yet. All the on the fly tweaks of the game mechanics, to give them a great night… they can never know of those.

    Who do you talk to about D&D? I think you have it right. Writing about it is the best, maybe only outlet we’ve got.

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