I’m a Thule for you

This is a conversation I had with my brother via text about the Call of Cthulhu game I ran on Sunday at the #UKgamesExpo in Birmingham in the UK.

“Hi bro. Yeah, was back yesterday but didn’t see your message. I’m fine. Caught the sun on holiday. When is your game day?  “

Game expo was this weekend gone. Was really good wish you could have been there.

I started it at the end of last episode. They were escaping on a locals fishing boat (very of as a player brought his own character who happened to be a fisherman, perfect) they headed to local town home of fisherman to work out what to do and talk with resistance and get radio message to England. They said stay away from the island and then it was bombed. They watched it happen. Very cool. Then I ended it just there. 6 years later they get their respective letters and once again meet to return to the island .

Back on the island they spoke to many mad residents who directed them to the Dr who now lived and looked after them from the Chateau. They got a chance to talk with the Dr. (one player got in by an old barrel shoot) the players upset the Dr and he asked them to leave. When they left about thirty or more villagers were stood outside waiting for them. They walked past and headed down Hill to come back later.

“Oh, very cool! X”

Hidden player in Château came out looking and as he had heard the Dr and assistant return to their main research room. Crept up to the door to listen in.  At the very same time one of the pc’s heading down his said oh my I forgot my note-book back at the château and headed back. As the note-book pc knocked loud on the door the listening pc looked around. When he looked back to the door he was listening at, it opened and the assistant was standing there. Both looked surprised


Listening pc fumbled for his gun assistant jumped at him listening pc dodged and assistant pc fell forward and down some stairs. Fell bad and stayed there for the rest of the time.

Listening pc turned back to see in room something was strapped to a bed writhing and Dr was coming towards him loading a machine gun. Listening pc shat himself and fired in panic clipping Dr in the shoulder. Dr fire wild hitting door and up into ceiling with machine gun. Listening pc fired again missing. Dr now closer fired again. It was messy. Listening pc to several bullets and fell back down the stairs just as other Pcs came bursting into château. Fisherman was carrying his shotgun. Jumped over listening pc started up the stairs. Two others, tweet coat pc and tarot pc helped listening pc, trying to stop him dying.

Psy pc and French resistance pc followed in.

Fisherman pc shot Dr  with shot-gun, missing. But it has two shots a round so second shot hit Dr as he got to top of stairs sending him flying back into room. He ran in after him. Tweed coat pc psy pc and resistance pc also headed in. All San rolls for shooting and seeing the thing with tentacle like snake protrudes that was strapped writhing on an iron bed. Resistance pc blow the Dr s head of with pistol. Not nice as he wasn’t yet dead.

“Hahaha! “

Now. Tarot pc was helping listening pc. She heard noise outside main door to château courtyard . Went over to the main door which was open slightly. As she got to door hordes of villagers with snarling faces coming towards. In panic she slammed door shut but to late to lock. Door bursts open and villagers rush in swarm in more like. Knocking tarot pc down. Several swarm her she screams and that’s one down. More swarm listening pc and now he is down too..


Fisherman pc hears noise from Dr room heads to door only to see hordes of villagers heading up the stairs towards him. Slamming doors such and trying his best to hold it shut he screams at the rest to do something and do it quickly. Not holding it well he uses his only weapon to seal the door. Yes shot-gun through door handles is good. Door won’t last long.


Psychology pc tweed coat pc start looking for anything to do with Thule and what’s going on,  on the island. Stuffing into pockets. Fisherman pc is crapping himself shouting. Leaves the door and heads towards resistance pc who is about to put tentacle writhing npc out of its misery one hopes.

Resistance pc shoots table npc in head.

Tentacle npc inside table npc now not happy and attacks resistance npc. All scream. Tentacle envelop resistance pc causing pain.
Tweed coat pc shoots at tentacle table npc, bullets do no good. Fisherman pc then remembers that he has a flair gun (yes it was on his sheet).
Loads and shoots tentacle npc. Bursts into and so does resistance pc who is still connected to tentacle npc. She screams some more .

“That actually made my laugh out loud in the office! “

Door is still rattling hard from villagers trying to get in .
Tweed pc now in panic for resistance pc takes his tweed coat off and wraps around resistance pc. It too burns and burns his arms. Pulling away. They watch resistance pc become quiet. Tweed pc asks if he can get his jacket back as it wool. Also it has all the secret paper work in it that he had just collected. course not its on fire.

Psychology  pc who has some paperwork decides he is leaving by the open window and to climb the 30 metre down to the road. His first climb attempt doesn’t go well and he falls. Landing bad on the road. But he survives


Tweed pc and fisherman pc are all that left in the room other than burning pc burning tentacle npc and brainless Dr npc.
They can’t decide.
Shotgun in the door handles now shatters and the room fills with villager npcs. Fisherman pc runs and jumps (rolls a 00) catches foot on sill of window and swan dives to road. He rolls damage in the hope he makes it. No he didn’t. Psy pc watches him fall toward him.  aaaaahhhhh.  Messy landing next to psy pc. Tweed pc climbs out window and manages his climbing very well. Reaches bottom rescues psy pc they retrieve boat keys from fisherman pc’s body and escape on his  boat.

The End

“Lol. What a debacle! So funny though! “

Yeah, well I had crazies in there and Snakes, tentacles. So In reality I had all the bad guys I needed. I have never killed so many players In my life In one game. Even though I think they liked It.

“As long as the players loved It too. Good game! “

Yeah, All down to you Again.

“Hardly. You Brought It to Life. Or death in this case! LoL”


  1. Brilliant! Any game where the players enjoy their PCs’ deaths is a grand game indeed! I’ve never played CoC, but understand that it’s expected (even desired) that your PC will go insane or die eventually. Which version of the rules did you use in this session?

  2. The art of running a Call of Cthulhu game is to slowly reveal (this should done be in layers,each layer revealing a new one,that goes deeper etc etc) to the player/characters,that they are in a universe of desolation,loneliness,and are at the threat of destruction from forces greater than
    anything,man has ever known of before.This universe is full of “extraterrestials/gods” that have existed for billions of years and have no care for mankind,or understand the concept of man.These “Beings” are thought of by some as our “creators” and that through some mysterious and “forgotten technology” (or refered to by some as magic).Were banished from their home as known by man as “Earth” into other dimensional universes,slowly though and through breaks in these “dimensional doorways” these beings found that they could affect the weak minded and insane,allowing them a foothold back into their original home.Everything should be explained with a sense of mystery and fear and the most important aspect should be the aspect of “dread” a complete “emptiness” should affect the player/characters,when investigating the Call of

    “the house was a former shadow of itself,a once beautiful ?? home,had been left to emptiness,it had become the meal of insects and rats had found many homes within its wooden walls.Shuttered windows hide all conceptions of the former owners,the only true owner now was the wind and rain which had left its heavy hand on all the rotting.The roof was battered beyond repair and cold moonlight spilled into the upper rooms.
    A short path leads to the door,that allows entrance to this house of desolation.Standing before this was as entering a tomb of some recently discovered king (or god ??).Letting you know of its presence the wind and rain sighs across the night,and the cold air is filled with the speech of insects,
    turning the cold door handle it almost slips from your grip,and upon opening only the night greets you,with streaks of pale moonlight that have slipped through the floorboards of the upper floor.An echo of your foot fall is the only sound to accompany you as you enter”.

    This is how “Call of Cthulhu” should be presented it should “drip with fear”

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