If It Wasn’t For Those Meddling Kids

You remember those times when you were a child. You watched such heroes as Scooby Doo and Friends, The Redhand Gang, Goonies and of course Dungeons and Dragons the Cartoon series. Have you noticed what these programs and films had in common?

Yes, They are all Children, Kids if you will but when kids come to a RPG table we expect them to play Adult Heroes. Fighters, Wizards, Rangers and Rogues. What is and would be hard for a new and young gamer to visualise it being and adult, yet we expect them to play one.

As an adult I tend to play PCs that are about my age either +10 or -10 years. That isn’t a hard thing for me to do as I now have that experience Yet we want our children to get into a hobby where they generally do not play their age.

You are a fighter that has just Graduated Gladiator school. Your father hands you all the family wealth of 5 Gold and you set out on your adventures to seek your fame and fortune”.

At this point It would be wrong to assume that he or she is an adventurer of 10 but isn’t this the age of new players?

What I’m proposing is to let Players play their age so they can get a real feel for what they are and how their Character life evolves.I do not want to say that this is how the game should stay until the players grow up but how their characters grow up. In the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon the oldest was about 15 while the youngest was about 8. We as GMs should open the doors to young adventures.

Did not CONAN start out at a very young age. I do believe he was also under the age of 10. He was thrust Into the life as a slave, Nurtured and trained so when he did become an adult he was very capable.

Just think, a Party of 10, 12 or even 15 year old adventures solving problems, fighting Ghouls and tricking dragons. This is a new Direction that all these new and young players can take and I think get a chance to be more like the way they really know and want to be.

If you see this as a good idea I really would like your help In seeing how this could be brought to the table and to show that this isn’t just a game where you have to act like a grown up to play.

So let our children become “Those meddling Kids” 



  1. There’s a trope (some might say cliché) in fantasy fiction for the protagonist to be an adolescent who discovers he’s the long-lost whatever. This isn’t only children’s/young adults fiction either – Eddings’ stories often make use of it (particularly the Belgariad). And, of course, many ‘fantasy light’ movies aimed at children give prime roles to people of similar ages to the target audience.

    I’m not sure most games support it well – although d6 Star Wars did have a ‘kid’ template as one of the core options.

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