Entertainment is the name of The Game

Sport and the art of Entertainment and Death

You ever thought about the Aztec’s and the like, they kinda invented what we see as sport. It was seen as ritualistically a sign of pride to take part. The fore runner to Arena games and then on to combat, leading to the typical Roman Amphitheatre.

So sport in our #RPG games only takes the part of combat and fighting and Death. This is fair enough as we like Combat.
The thing I’m trying to do is have more, what we would call normal sport into our games. Stadiums and arenas are great location for intrigue and adventure.

The thing is, I don’t know anything about sport or the places that entertain these events but I know they would make great game location.

Casts of characters: starting from outside and we will work our way in.

The Ticket Tote.
deemed an untrustworthy character. selling you entrance tickets to the greatest event of the land. If he can dupe you, he will.

The Gate Keeper.
He well check your new bought ticket. Letting you in any way as he doesn’t really car as the owner isn’t paying enough.

Security Guards.
These are the hired hands, the thugs if you will. They will do their jobs and do them well. If the right price is met. Some will take pride in their work where as others will slack and let people in. When a fight starts the Guards are not to far away.

The people who stand around keeping an eye on the crowd. Well supposed to watch the crowd but a free ticket to an event is all they are after. Any problems occurring they will soon look the other way to keep out of trouble and let the guards put the boot in.

Food Sellers.
Food is the simplest way of describing what you can buy and eat at an event. Sellers walk around throughout the whole event calling their wares. Eating from these vender some say you take a bigger risk than the players upon the field.

Grounds keepers.
The stadiums and Arenas need to be kept to a standard. Depending what take place there. It could be blood cleaned from the sand or replacing the beast posts or even repairing a gate. These people are paid well for their skills.

Be it a sports man or beast they need to be looked after. Some will see their wards as just meet and take very little care. But as the pay can be high they tend to do their jobs well.

The owners can be the lord of the land or just a private Business man. Wealth surrounds him. He will do the least work for the biggest profits .

The participants .
Of course these are the Heroes of any event. They are whom the fans come for, whether to see them die or victorious.

The Fans
The ordinary folk. The paying customer. The little people. Without these hardy fun dealers there would be no call for Arenas in the first place. They are out for a good time to forget their trouble and if necessary throw some fruit.

Vagabonds & Thieves.
Where there is a gathering of people there you will find the low life . The thieves and rascals. Pickpockets & cut purse

When the words Stadium or Arena is used, instantly you can see in your mind’s eye what they could look like. Even in a fantasy setting you have Rome Italy’s Amphitheatre as a reference. There are others you know.

A field. Like a school playing field, just an open space that the crowd gather around. Simple.

A Pit. Like an empty swimming pool. A hole in the ground large enough for plenty to move around in with a secure boundary.

A Platform. A boxing ring. Sumo, Clay mound. The crowd gathers around and looks up at the even. Making the even centre stage.

A stage. A theatre when the entertainment takes place at one end with the audience looking forward. Like a rock concert. Even a caravan with a side that opens maybe.

Raised seating on opposite sides. A jousting run where both ends are open for easy entranceway for the participants. horse racing is a similar example.

Arena and Stadiums
Very large buildings of wood or Stone standing and seating all around and sometimes participants enter from a tunnel or even beneath the stadium Floor.


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