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Chicken head drawing

Yes. It's a Chicken

On Saturday I got the chance to play in a Level One game of 4e Dungeons & Dragons. As always I like to play an interesting character, well as interesting as I could make it.

Shardmind was my first race to consider. So, being the friendly person I am I asked twitter what they thought. Needless to say I got some interesting remarks. The Angry DM was the best and he put me straight, in his usual manor. I thank him for that.

Shardmind was out and so was a Paladin. I needed something More. Cutting a short story shorter. I’d always wanted to play a Kenku. An Avian race. Once I had decided on this I needed its class. For some unknown reason the Rooster from Disney’s Robin hood cartoon came to mind, so that’s what I ran with. A chicken, Bard. How perfect this was going to be.

And here he is…

Alan the Bard

easier just to show you

This is just part of the game I played in run by @feanan from twitter.

We started the game looking for work.

The 3 of us

One an Elven Vampire who braved the light by using a parasol. An Eladrin Rogue who suffered severe Paranoia and myself the Kenku Bard. We took a job protecting a Caravan that was heading to the next city. Easy work, we can do that. Many jokes and jibes came my way for playing what looked like a chicken. I eventually decided just to go with it. After a little problem delivering the traders wears we returned for fresh help and set out 3 days late. We delivered the crates safe and sound.

While taking refreshments in a nearby public house we were offered work
clearing a warehouse of squatters. We took the job for 65gp each. We wanted
100gp but begger’s can’t be choosers.

The 3 of us really didn’t want this job but the money was good. A stop off at the local alchemist to pick up some flammable oil and flint’n’steel. We found there warehouse, a run down, falling down building.

We set fire to it. Job done.

Then we skipped town on the first ship leaving.

Really that’s how the night continued. We sank a ship after blowing it up. Things just got better and better. You should have been there.

What I started out trying to get across was The fun we had in the game we played was the best in a long time. This could have just been down to the players but what we played made a difference. So from time to time play that character that you have always wanted to play and let your self go, and have fun.

We all say that that is what this roleplaying hobby should be all about. It’s rule one for goodness sake. But you know, I think we get to serious about this hobby.

A time and a place for all things. Lighten up and roll more dice.

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  1. Sounds excellent.

    My rpg weekend was more serious in tone – we’re reaching the end of a SW Saga campaign where my once-playboy-now-baron is trying to take back his family estate – and his planet – from the invading ‘old enemy’. We killed the Gungan Jedi nemesis who long ago stopped being comic relief and turned into a major pain in the side. Destiny points are awesome (especially when you cheese it and combine it with Battle Strike which gives an extra 5d6 damage…!)

    But ‘Lighten Up and Roll More Dice’ is an excellent mantra. You should try to convince @d20monkey to put it on a T-Shirt. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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