Actual Play and Lashings of Ginger Beer

"I'll bash that Knocker"!
Dwarf with an axe drawing

"I'll bash that Knocker"!

Do you remember, I’m sure you do. Reading somewhere close to the front of nearly all Roleplaying rule books the Actual play. you know.

GM “Jonny, your standing in front of a heavy-set wooden door with iron hinges and  a huge brass knocker, what do you do?”

Jonny. Playing a Dwarf fighter “Well, Can I use the but of my axe to flick up the huge brass Knocker?”

GM “Yes, you thrust the shaft of your axe under the rim of the huge  Knocker”

Then what would follow is a run through of what each player as their PC would do. as if they were speaking for their very own character. Of course you do. short but very well presented.

Question is, were they real or just a creation of the game writers. Did they sample part of actual play? Now days we can just listen to our favourite Dungeon & Dragon, Star wars saga edition or Call of Cthulhu players on their very own Podcast.                                      Great stuff in my opinion. so do we still want and need the written play by-play account in the front of our gaming books. What about just writing the link to your recording and we can listen at our leisure.

Well for one I loved and still do love reading those short snippets of what I myself could be doing with my very own PC, once I had read the rules within the following pages. More I say. Give me character creation and combat in the very same style. Don’t make It epic and  long so I get confused and fed up reading, but show me how exciting your new game Is I hold in my hand is going to be. Tell me when dice are rolled or what charts needed and even how to read those charts . I want It all

I hope you understand where I’m going with this.

Nostalgia It has become a Big part of gamers lives Now, as a very large percentage of players are nearing or even beyond middle age like myself. I believe we seek that fresh feeling for a game. That feeling we had when we first opened a book and got to that part. The part that tells me what I’m in for in a format I could follow.

"I'll cast magic Missile"!

I’m not after a return to Janet and John Style writing. I crave the unknown, which for someone who has gamed for well, probably 30 years or more Is looking for. It’s not going to happen, not In a way I’d like. I can not go back and forget everything I have ever done In my RPG life but to live those moments is still fun for me. I see an awful lot of blogs and posts about how it used to be and how it should be again. Im kind of jumping on the back of that wagan as It trundles by, why not, why not feel the joy that the old can bring to the new. For I do want the new. New Is good, Old Isn’t Bad. a bit of both never hurt any one.

Yes Its the little things that do make the difference sometimes and for me this Is one of them.

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  1. Hmm, good point on the fact that most of us gamers like the “good old days” and to read/ hear about others gaming experiences. In fact, I’m going to boldly say that the RPG community are akin to reliving the “goold old times” over their first gaming experiences, than other communities.

    Perhaps it’s the quest to achieve these experiences once again that makes us look forward to new settings/ game worlds. Or, perhaps it’s simply because we want something new. – Sounds like the subject of a new article. 🙂

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