Malgor The Devourer. Dungeons & Dragons #4E Game

Here is what took place in the Dark Worlds of my Dungeons & Dragons game this February in Nottingham, at the 3rd #UKT3 D&D Tweetup. I Wanted there to be Role Play, roll play. Great friends fighting Foes with Blood and Glory. Here is their story.

The Heroes are ready for whatever life will throw at them.

The Heroes Venture Forth. Into peril

The Heroes encounter their first evil. (Canyon walls laid flat so figures can be stood on them, to emulate climbing. You understand)

The fight looks unwinnable but the heroes press on.

Evil has almost been vanquished, but

From out of the darkness come death and destruction and it has a sweet taste (boulders made of candy was all that we hat to hand. worked, and was lovely to eat too)

No time to Rest or think. The fight rages on.

The plan. The plan was not to die. Everything was going to Plan.

The TriClops thundered out of the Darkness with only one thing on its minds, ok maybe three things on its minds but they all involved bloodshed.

The great Door stood, blocking their way. What greater danger lay within?

Malgor The dragon stood before then. Did fear cross their minds. Of Course not this is Dungeons & dragons, No real Hero runs from a dragon. not when Heroing has to be done. To the death, charge.

Malgor Knows what you have come for. You will go down fighting but you will go down.

 The fight is shocking. literally Shocking. The Heroes will not go down easy.

Have the Heroes found his Weakness. No he’s sure and so fights on.

Malgor fails to see the end coming and in his final moment death came faster than a bolt of lighting. His exploding heart decorated the heroes, who still leapt for joy.

So the Heroes survived to tell their story for if they hadn’t, then you would never have known their tale.


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