BooB’s and Battles, What’s Hot in Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons And Dragons Has alays been the front runner when it come to the showing of Flesh. It’s how we grew up, its what we like but is it right In this modern world.

This has come about through the years and years of How the Sexes are  portrayed in fantasy , Art mainly but it has a strong hold in Role Play Gaming.

We see as a whole that it is the woman who is the one on show. that it’s not fantasy if her tits aren’t out for all to see, but surely a male hero with his top off and a rippling chest is just the same.

I am not going to go any farther than this as I can not handle confrontation.

Recently I had a very short Tweet with Tracy of the Darkmagics over on twitter and I asked if I could draw one of her characters @sarahDarkmagic gave me a short description (barbarian woman with flintlock pistol) and so with a minor adjustment concerning a region  of flesh that was on show, I came up with this.


I hope I captured exactly what Tracy was after and she shows exactly enough of everything.

If given the opportunity, yes of course I would draw for Tracy again. It was an honour to get this chance.

Leave a comment about your views or lack of them when it comes to the Human form in our beloved Role Play Worlds.


  1. Excellent artwork, as ever.

    My own opinion is that is silly to feel offended by images of the human body, clothed or otherwise. I’ve half-joked before that if I made a render of a naked woman sawing the head of a man, more people would object to the naked woman in the picture. We seem to be immune to images of death and violence, but the sight of skin seems so objectionable. Go figure.

    That said, I would much rather see a great image of a normal body shape and outfit (as you have done so well here) than more stereotypical caricatures of big-breasted women wearing chainmail bikinis. It’s not insulting (to me), but it is unimaginative. Besides, I can render those myself 🙂

  2. Reminds me of the scene in “Dorkness Rising” when the female first attends the game and her ex-boyfriend has made her a female barbarian in “bikini-mail” ( around 01:40 onwards). As you say, we have been force fed the stereotypical image of the heaving bosom and tight outfits for many many years and yes its fun to look at but most gamers I’m sure will agree just not practical for adventurers.

    Another fantastic drawing though Sy, keep up the excellent work sir.

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