3D Terrain. The Cave of Malgor. Dungeons and Dragons

Here is what I created for my Dungeons and dragons 4e  RPG game. The roleplaying was made even more spectacular by my efforts and every player made me feel that making it was totally worth while. so here is how I did it. Not to hard and it took four days to make. This time scale was due to drying time.

Here is some plastic packing material. I shaped what I needed with a heated wall paper scraper. this melted and sealed the soft edges into a rough surface.

Then here I used wall filler that I created rocky surface, to simulate , well rock walls of a cave . then allowed it to dry. This drying took a whole day.The next two pictures are to show it as it dried. you can not see much but the figure gives a size to compare.

Almost dry, I had created steps, rocks and columns.

A closer view you can see a little of the texture in the plaster that was hopefully going to look like rock when complete.

Now that the Plaster is dry it gets a strong coat of Black paint, trying to get into all the little tiny gaps in the plaster.

A closer view you maybe can see that all the white areas i did not manage to cover. this is because of the angle i painted it. From above.

Now, I have coverd the whole thing in black. This took way longer than I thought. Still, Its starting to take shape.

Got Carried away with the painting and so mist a couple of chances for some more photos here. As you can see I have got straight on with the browns and greys. First is a light brush with a Dark brown then once that was dry usinging a lighter brown with a dry brush I dusted the whole surface. just picking up the high points with the bristles of the brush.

This view was meant to show some detail and to give a feel for the set. The blured bit to the right and close to you was my attempt at a stalagmite. It broke so I had to paint it out.

The water that you can see was created jst by painting the far side of the set with a blue, with highlights in it. it looks white there because to give it a watery shine there is som PVA glue drying on top. Its not dry yet.

This view is most of the cave set. Figure just heps once again.

Here in this view you can see how the water set. I think it worked quite well.

This is the Final. It was just as the party arrived at the cave entrance to battle Malgor.

The cotton wool, (white bit to the Dragons Right) had a flashing light set in it to give it that Portal cloud feel. That to worked very well.

I hope you liked the set that I made here and If you have managed to make anything out of rubbish that you may have otherwise thrown away then please tell.

thats enough. talk soon. Have fun and great gaming.


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