About Symatt

Yes who am I kidding, It Is just me, oh , with some help from new friends.
Who IS me.
I’m a forty something Tech shy Geek. Yes, yes, I know If  im a Geek why do I not Understand Tech. I’m not that kind of Geek but I am a Geek non the less.
I’m a Dad of two fantastic kids, although they do not live with me. They aren’t Tech shy that I can tell you.
I’m married to Nicole who loves Holidays and If we could spend 50 weeks of the year on holiday then she would be In heaven.
I love  to play Table top games. I roleplay, what? I have to explain, oh ok.
If I say I play Dungeons &  Dragons, hang on I can hear your heavy sigh. It’s not as bad as you are making It you know. It’s a hobby that I enjoy along with all the other types of Roleplaying games (RPG) but D&D Is the one that everyone has heard of.
I draw, with pencil and paper as I said I’m tech shy. I’ll show you some of my Art later on In my site. Oh, did I tell you, I’m self taught. So go have a look.


  1. Hi, I’m writing from Japan. I happened to know your drawings by a web-site. The drawing was a guy reading a book in a pile of books. I am so attached to it so that I wanted to use it as a shop-logo. I would like to know if I can use it or not. By the way, I really love to have one for framing: I just love them!
    If you can reply to my mail-address, that would be great.
    (I’m sure you are able to see my mail-address, right?)

    Waiting for your reply.

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