#Spymaster Has Arrived.

A Super Spy action role playing game. 

System 21. Is the engine that runs this pleasingly elegant, action filled #tabletop game.

Ordinary Playing Cards and something to use as tokens, is all that is needed once you have a copy of this lovingly crafted rule book. 

The rules are light and follow the guidelines of the card game Blackjack. 

So System 21 will open new avenues of thinking. Broaden your Horizons. Open the game that you have looked for all these years. You will be playing in minutes. Adding new and more interestingly creative rules as you go. 

Running in at less than 70 pages. It is a complete rules system. As it’s a Modern day #rpg the setting is the world around you. The film’s you enjoy are your guide to playing and running #Spymaster the RPG.

Including Driving and Chase rules. Weapons and Armour and even a Bestuary.

Take the jump into a new world and a new game. You won’t regret it.

“Storm Castle Ustarda “


This is part one of the audio  Dungeons and Dragons game I ran today Sunday the 25 January.  I haven’t listened to it yet as I hate the sound of my voice as I hear it every day.  Tell me what you think of the game.


Cowboy Robot Superhero

SuperCowboy SuperCowboyBot CowboyBotshootout



This Is what I have been doing today.

The Drawing was @greywulf’s fault over on twitter. I asked and he said that he would like to see a cowboy Superhero. I thought It was kind of a Joke at first but then I said to myself why not.

Took a little bit of thinking and I came up with that drawing. Now i have coloured It and then placed it on a background, I’m very happy with It. plus I am getting the hang of some aspects of this art program that I have.

I will try and get some more done soon. Although my brother Is waiting for these Superheroes for his book. I was going to keep them secret. Hey I should show you anyway as you are my friends.

A Dash of Colour

I took this upon myself to update a picture I did for a friend over on twitter ( @LandrasGembar ) It was a recreation of an Avatar character I did maybe over a year ago. The Influence was for Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games.

here Is what i did.

Here is the original that I did and coloured in Inks .

It was nice to revisit This drawing and to make something new of it. I chose a closer view as this seemed to add a little more drama to the dwarf. I may try this again with an earlier drawing some time. It will appear here if I do.

What’s an Avatar got to do with It

Some Twitter Avatar’s I have created recentley.

Just when you thought It was safe to go back in the water . These come along.


MoJo Missing

MoJo last seen two months ago.

It seems that for the paste two years i have managed to post something for your delight. But now I have lost that drive and my drawing and writing Mo-Jo has departed and left me stranded.

If you could hang In there I would hope that It will be found sooner than later.

I feel bad as I have projects that are just not getting done.

Poke me If you think It will help and shout If you want .

Thank you for being there for me. The adventure will once again return at some point.

Yours Symatt 

Guest Post: Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero – the next Tweet RPG adventure!

Hello guys! Symatt has graciously given me the opportunity to share some info on the latest Tweet RPG adventure – Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero!

If you haven’t already discovered Tweet RPG, let me bring you up to speed. Tweet RPG is a Twitter-based role-playing project, allowing RPG fans to enjoy adventures together on one of the most popular social networks on the web. Tweet to shape the hero’s destiny!

Hack ‘N’ Slash Hero begins on Monday the 16th of April, with the character creation process opening on Monday 9th of April. This adventure is inspired by retro video-gaming, paying homage and poking fun at classics like Zelda and Final Fantasy.

To find out more about Tweet RPG, visit www.tweetrpg.blogspot.com and follow @tw33t_rpg on Twitter!

3D Terrain. The Cave of Malgor. Dungeons and Dragons

Here is what I created for my Dungeons and dragons 4e  RPG game. The roleplaying was made even more spectacular by my efforts and every player made me feel that making it was totally worth while. so here is how I did it. Not to hard and it took four days to make. This time scale was due to drying time.

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