It’s 1926. A sponsored expedition to Cairo found something very interesting in the sands, Things were recovered , taged then moved. Moved to where?          Could you be the ones to find out, Join me as we create a story together.MOONS OVER CAIRO Its history in the making and so it begins  Professor Harold trimbleDeep in his studies at the university of Massachusettes, Boston.  A letter Dated 02/08/26 arrives in the early post but it’s late afternoon when he gets around to reading it.
Prof H Trimble School of Greek History University of Massachusetts Boston
4 August 1926 Karl Sappington Columbian University New York

Dear Mr Sappington,
Thank you for your letter dated 2 August.
I have long been an admirer of the work of John Coles. The finds he has unearthed and written about in the past have contributed enormously to the field of History. I am extremely intrigued about the find you allude to in your letter and am flattered to be invited to carry out some research with Mr Coles.
I barely had time to begin discussions with the Dean here, before he interrupted and insisted that I take a sabbatical and take the opportunity to work with John Coles. I humbly accept your invitation.
My fellow university colleague and friend, Justin Le Dunst ,will accompany me in the role of amanuensis and assistant. Le Dunst is a very able and practical chap who will be of great assistance.
We look forward to meeting with you on the 10th in New York.

Yours sincerely

Harold Trimble

P.S. If you have any details of the find, I may be able to carry out some initial research in the University Library’s extensive collection before joining the train on the 10th.

…written by symatt , February 20, 2009

Brrring, Brrring.
Hello, oh Hello Professor Trimble, this is Alice, Mr Sappinton’s assistant. Mr Sappington asked me to call you with regards your visit. Apparently its all a little hush hush at the moment and Mr Coles wants a big unvailing in front of press and the mayor of New York, so at this point he is unable to furnish you with infomation…. but, as soon as the cameras are gone, then youself and the other learned guests can ask all the questions that you wish and Mr Coles hopes that you will become invaluable to his further research into his find.
we all look forward to meeting you professor Trimble, you take care and Mr Sappington will see you on the 10th. bye Click  .

..written by Aja , February 21

Professor Trimble popped his head around the door of the Sports Hall Office at the University of Massachusetts.
“Good morning Justin. I’ve just had a call about this find that John Coles has asked us to look into. It’s all very mysterious – apparently he wants to unveil it in front of the Mayor and a load of hobnobs. He doesn’t want to tell us anything about it yet.”
Justin was in the process of oiling a fine willow cricket bat he’d just had imported from England. He was keen to introduce new sports to the University and since a postgraduate student from Cambridge had raved about the game when he was here during the last semester, Justin had decided to try it out. The student had moved on and had unselfishly left a copy of the rules for Justin to study.
Justin put the bat and oil to one side.
“That’s interesting Professor, I must say I’m not surprised, from what you tell me about this chap Coles. He likes to make an entrance.”
The Professor drummed his fingers on the door frame.
“Yes, I’ve been thinking about that. I think it would be pertinent to have a look in the newspapers to see if there’s been any mention of where he’s been recently – I know he travels a lot and the papers like to report on his activities. Would you mind checking the recent papers from New York to see if there’s any mention of his exploits?” he asked.
Justin’s face lit up. “Yes Professor, it would be a pleasure. I’ll just finish up here and I’ll let you know what I find.”
The Professor thanked his colleague and returned to his rooms. He had some packing to do.
written by symatt , February 21

Justin trundles of to the Uni library Getting sidetracked by a few of the young ladies in the hallway (library use roll for justin For more details)
The library is a vast metropolis of books, bookshelves, desks,tables and chairs. Students mill in and around narrow corridors of shelves like slow moving trafic occasionally stopping to browse the contents of the vast knowledge stored here. Justin sits himself down at the Newspaper archives and begins to trawl through months of back issues The hours spent in the library passed faster than expected for Justin and lunch had long gone before he had found what he hoped the Professor was looking for.
On his return to Professor Trimble.
I Had no problems finding articles on John Coles, he seens a bit of the adventuring sort to me Professor, any way its like finding where he hasn’t been was the problem Ha Ha. It seems that most of the finds in the University museum are down to him. Anyway Mr Coles latest expedition was to Egypt to a dig just outside the bounds of the Vally of the Kings, less than 3 miles from the tomb of Tutankhamun (which was discovered in November 1922). No one is sure what made him dig in this location but for the last 3 months has been sending many small artifacts back to America, which are now located in the Museum labs for study.
written by symatt , February

Justin pondered for a moment, there was an odd thing that i noticed in the New York papers about CATS, yeh i know Cats, well apparently the city is having a problem with them coming into the city from all around, they even closed the subway because of them on one occation.
Anyway maybe we can get to see the vaults when we get there? Im not to intrested in the press and the shouting that they do , i had enough of that for the Olimpics.
written by Aja , February 22

Professor Trimble agreed with Justin. When they arrived in New York, it would be good to get down to the research straight away. Like Justin, the Professor wasn’t interested in the publicity.
The Professor was very happy with the information that Justin had dug up in the newspapers, and he sat at his desk mulling over the information, fiddling with his pipe (unlit – he never smoked it, it gave him something to do with his hands when he needed to think).
So old John Coles had been near the Valley of the Kings had he? Given Carnarvon’s and Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, no doubt Coles was hoping to find something similar. Perhaps he had, and this is what this grand ceremony would be all about. The Professor was more hopeful that perhaps some more interesting objects had been found that needed researching and explaining. As for the cats, the Professor dismissed them from his mind – Justin seemed intrigued by it, but the young always found these strange stories intriguing.
Justin popped his head around the door.
“Good afternoon Professor. I’ve packed my bags. The train leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning. It takes about 10 hours to get to New York. The time should pass pretty quickly – the first class service is supposed to be top notch with three good meals on the way.”
“You’re quite right Justin. I’ve traveled to New York a few times over the years and the train really is very comfortable. I’m sure we’ll not want for anything.” replied the Professor.
“There’s a cab picking us up at six. Do you need any help packing?” asked Justin.
“I’m ready to go. I’ll pack a few books and papers this evening and instruct Jones to wake me at five. I’ll see you in the morning.” said the Professor.
“Right you are – see you in the morning.” Justin said over his shoulder as he headed out of the room.
Jones , the Professors University help, duly woke him at five and the Professor and Justin arrived at the station in plenty of time to board the train at Boston’s South Central Station. Within minutes of the train pulling out of the station, the Professor and Justin settled down to an extremely good breakfast. Now they were on their way, New York couldn’t come quickly enough.

...written by symatt , February 24

The train rattled on it’s journey but the waiters barely notice as they continued to serve breakfast. There was around seven other people in the dinning car and as the world flashed by the windows the professor took note of each one. A young portly man, dressed in a dark blue suit sat with his elbows on the table and his fingers intertwined stareing out of the window seemingly lost in his own thoughts as his scrmbled egg was going cold on the plate in front of him, the professor also noted that there was some pale skin where a wedding band should have been. The tables were layed in all manner of finery from fine linen napkins to the gold plated sugar tongues resting in the bowl and the soft terracota carpet that softend everyones footfall..
The next table down was a young couple holding hands and giggling across the table at each other, the young woman was pale skined with short dark hair as was the fasion these days, and her dress,well, no wonder that the waiters lingered at that table just that bit longer than usual. The gentleman was unimpresive in a grey jacket ans a smile that just wasn’t convincing. Seated across from them was a quiet group , two gentlemen and a woman. The two gents were dark of skin but not african and the woman had olive skin just like the europeans, she was wearing a pale blue trouser suit and a bright head scarf, tight over her hair as to offer no clues to the colour and length. The two men were in dark suits and white shirts with no ties. No one was eating at this table, just drinking small coffies and by the looks they were playing a board game of some kind. The professor considered for a moment and decided that they all must have been in there forty’s or ther abouts anyway and from time to time they seemed to look over this way.
Finaly an elderly gentleman sat alone eating his breakfast but in such a manner to have thought that he had not eaten for sometime. His hair was messy and matted as also his beared and mustache, he had on a white linen jacket over a white shirt wich had already gathered food stains of soft egg running down it. He slurped at orange juice and coffee almost together whilst his mouth was still full of food. The professor enqired of Justin.
” Do you recognise that man Justin?”
justin twisted his head so that he could see over his shoulder.
“No prof” he said between bites of toast ” I don’t think that I have seen him before”.
“Justin, I have a notion that i know that man,but from where Justin, from where?”
Justin shrugged and took another noisey bite of toast.