What the F*** are you Talking About? or Swearing in Dungeons & Dragons or Swearing in Any Fantasy Settings

What the F*** are you looking at ?

What the F*** are you looking at ?

You know the words I mean. we all use them from time to time or if not then you think of them.
Yes you do!

Well this short post is due to the fact I have started a book and withing the first three paragraphs the word F*** was used. It is a fantasy book. Wizards and monsters and to me this kinda ruined the fantasy feel of the story.
Do you feel the same about the use of , what i see, modern words?

Some people will point out that these word have been in use for hundreds of years. Well ok, but that is not the point. I am old enough that i remember when a swear word was used on that modern creation. TV.

I was so embarrassed as my parents were in the room and i felt guilty that its was my fault and i would be punished that it was there on the telly. There, because even as a child it was a bad word and should never be used. especially not in front of my mom.

So, Now this book i am reading, it used this word and other words that change the feel of a fantasy setting.

Dungeons & Dragons is the most well known and understood as well as most misrepresented setting of all time. So a swear word just adds to that fact.

What do you think?
Do you have you PC’s or even NPC’s swear in your stories and games?
If you had a better choice of words, that you was happy to use in your story or at your table, would you use them?

2000ad’s Judge Dredd and the Future world he inhabits have created many such words, which from time to time i still use myself.
Crudd! Drokk! are just two and they work just fine.

So, now, I am looking for a list of words that can act like a profanity but are in reality have no such History.
Leave your idea or ideas in the comments and we will see what we end up with by the end of October.

The Guardian of the Gate. A Dungeons And Dragons Monster

They stands a good fifteen feet above your own head hight. They swing that Great Axe with accuracy. Throw Boulders and Rocks like a child on the beach. They are here to do one job and one job only. To stop you getting in.

This is Trevor, Tony & Tarquin. The Guardian of the gate.

TriClops Is one would hope, my own creation. Created to be set loose up on my Dungeons & Dragons players at the next #UKT3 meet up here in the UK in Nottingham on the 4th of February. Once that day is passed i shall be posting the Stat Block that my Good Friend from across the world @DMSamuel created To challenge my players.

So here they are. you do not have to be gentle because they won’t.

Trevor, Tony & Tarquin

Here is the stat block as Created by @DMSamuel. Enjoy