The Guardian of the Gate. A Dungeons And Dragons Monster

They stands a good fifteen feet above your own head hight. They swing that Great Axe with accuracy. Throw Boulders and Rocks like a child on the beach. They are here to do one job and one job only. To stop you getting in.

This is Trevor, Tony & Tarquin. The Guardian of the gate.

TriClops Is one would hope, my own creation. Created to be set loose up on my Dungeons & Dragons players at the next #UKT3 meet up here in the UK in Nottingham on the 4th of February. Once that day is passed i shall be posting the Stat Block that my Good Friend from across the world @DMSamuel created To challenge my players.

So here they are. you do not have to be gentle because they won’t.

Trevor, Tony & Tarquin

Here is the stat block as Created by @DMSamuel. Enjoy

Dungeons & Dragons 3D Terrain

Well I couldn’t put It any simpler. I am running a Dungeons & Dragons #4E game on February the 4th In Nottingham, here In the UK.

Role-Players love the visual. If you can achieve that without props then that’s some great description but from time to time in any #RPG be it Star wars or Call of Cthulhu then show them something and it will make your life as a GM (Game Master) that much more fun for you and your players. So roll them dice and let’s get on with what i have created.

So I took It upon myself to try my hand again at 3D terrain for the game. so here Is what I’ve done.

Canyon Wall:

view here is just a plain block of polystyrene taken from and packed items I had received in the past and kept.

Texture is added with heat

Texture is added by using a heat source. I heated a paint scraper and applied that to the surface.

paint is added in stages

At this point I am now adding paint. I used acrylic. First cover the surface with a black as shown close to the camera. then a layer of, In this case a brown then brushed over lightly with a dry brush with beige.

Four stages anti-clockwise.

Here together are the Four block stages.

Here, a view down to the door at the end.

And finally a view to the door created with the same techniques. Well what do you think?


Damage is equal. Guest post by @GMCarlplus5

Here are the ideas of my brother concerning Role playing rules and especially mixing up and making full use of all editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Again I’ve been thinking about remit for Dungeons & Dragons  #5e.        You need a combat mechanic that lets you use previous versions with little modifications and is quick and easy. I am throwing this in for comment:

Art By @symatt

Roll the attack against AC, touch or a fixed save like ref, fort or will+10. Damage is equal to the points you score over the target UP to the maximum of your weapon plus Strength bonus plus item bonuses. If an ally boosts your chance to hit, you chance for getting higher damage is automatically raised but still not above your maximum so no power creep. Every game since D&D 2nd Edition has had attack listed as ‘claw +3, 1D8+5’ so that is the monsters skill; +3 vs AC with a max damage of 13. GM’s can do that conversion in their head. No equipment needs changing (and can still be listed as dice so that the 5e books be used by people running 3e or 4e games).

Spells roll to hit against their normal save plus 10 and maximum damage is whatever maximum the spell could score, so a fireball from a low level mage would likely do less damage than one from a high level mage because the master mage is going to score higher on average.        Auto hit spells like magic missile are still rolled on the usual damage dice (d4s).        Sneak attack damage is the same; damage scored with your weapon plus a random d6 or two.

If you roll a natural twenty, damage is till calculated as normal but attacker gets to roll on a critical table. Crit tables are a different topic but I would have a table where you roll a d20 plus your level and item bonus of sword, wand or whatever. Certain magic items can give you the ability to reduce crits scored against you so that players have some defense against crippling crits but few monsters would except the BBGs.

I would make the attack skills similar to the current classifications, based on players buying feats, not skill points. Warrior feat makes weapon skills available to be used untrained but no bonuses. Mage feat makes spell skills available, Cleric feat makes divine skills available, Rogue, etc, etc. Trained feat gives you a plus to weapons or spells of that group (melee, simple ranged, healing domain, necromancy etc) of, say, +5. Focused gives you bonus to weapon or spell types (swords, spells with fire descriptor, etc) of perhaps +3. Specialised gives you a bonus to a particular weapon (short swords, fireballs). This feat tree makes it possible for one player to have skills in all groups but he is not going to be as good as a character who specializes in one or two areas.

The feat trees can be attached to classes if you still want classes or you can have a class-less game and players just buy into the feat trees that they want. I’d still keep leveling though, otherwise it isn’t going to feel like D&D but more like one of the ‘other’ games out there! Lol.

Of course wizards can’t buy skills in spells above their level yet so no first level casters casting fireballs, etc.

Starting characters CAN use weapons that they aren’t trained in but untrained penalty (-4?) will discourage that. A first level fighter COULD have an exotic weapon (say a repeating cross-bow) but he would need Warrior feat and Trained exotic (repeating crossbow) before his skill is any better than -4. He could take a regular crossbow and his Warrior feat would put him at +0, taking Trained simple ranged, would then put him at +5.

Art by @symatt

Wizards can cast any spells that they like and know but I would probable use either a spell point or a Vancian systems to prevent the wizard just plastering an area with fireballs until he is the only uncharred corpse on the battlefield. I quite like spell points (characters get points equal to the total levels of spells that they can cast per day) but from personal GMing experience I have known that to be abused. I allowed the wizard to regain 1 level per hour of activity so that the party didn’t have to keep stopping to let the wizard rest, with all levels being regained after 4 hours of meditation or 8 hours of sleep. Clerics, of course, have their god gift them with knowledge of all the suitable spells of their level so everything works as in previous editions too

Books. I’e got Issues

Person reading a pile of books

When one is never enough.

Once again I was looking, lovingly, over my collection of roleplaying books. As I went through them, I discovered that there was a book I hadn’t bought yet from the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition set. I immediately became anxious that my collection wasn’t complete. It had become important that I had a set, a complete set and I had found that it was less than it should be.

But hang on a second… What am I thinking? I don’t need or use nearly any of these books, including Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Star Wars and many, many more.
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One Dwarf is Never Enough

I wasn’t asked to draw this but I took it upon myself to creat this image for a friends Dungeons & Dragons Article. I think he looks more like a Villian in a Bond movie.

But here is Berymar a bad ass stall holder.


Four Days

Its takes Four days to prepare a festive meal.

Dragon Turkey for Christmas Dinner

Festive Meals, Not that easy

So In your next adventure for your next Dungeons & Dragons game. Remember that any Festival that the PC’s take part in takes a little more preparation than just going to the store. During this festive season think of your other wold counterpart.

Actual Play and Lashings of Ginger Beer

"I'll bash that Knocker"!
Dwarf with an axe drawing

"I'll bash that Knocker"!

Do you remember, I’m sure you do. Reading somewhere close to the front of nearly all Roleplaying rule books the Actual play. you know.

GM “Jonny, your standing in front of a heavy-set wooden door with iron hinges and  a huge brass knocker, what do you do?”

Jonny. Playing a Dwarf fighter “Well, Can I use the but of my axe to flick up the huge brass Knocker?”

GM “Yes, you thrust the shaft of your axe under the rim of the huge  Knocker” Continue reading