Dungeons & Dragons 3D Terrain

Well I couldn’t put It any simpler. I am running a Dungeons & Dragons #4E game on February the 4th In Nottingham, here In the UK.

Role-Players love the visual. If you can achieve that without props then that’s some great description but from time to time in any #RPG be it Star wars or Call of Cthulhu then show them something and it will make your life as a GM (Game Master) that much more fun for you and your players. So roll them dice and let’s get on with what i have created.

So I took It upon myself to try my hand again at 3D terrain for the game. so here Is what I’ve done.

Canyon Wall:

view here is just a plain block of polystyrene taken from and packed items I had received in the past and kept.

Texture is added with heat

Texture is added by using a heat source. I heated a paint scraper and applied that to the surface.

paint is added in stages

At this point I am now adding paint. I used acrylic. First cover the surface with a black as shown close to the camera. then a layer of, In this case a brown then brushed over lightly with a dry brush with beige.

Four stages anti-clockwise.

Here together are the Four block stages.

Here, a view down to the door at the end.

And finally a view to the door created with the same techniques. Well what do you think?