Books. I’e got Issues

Person reading a pile of books

When one is never enough.

Once again I was looking, lovingly, over my collection of roleplaying books. As I went through them, I discovered that there was a book I hadn’t bought yet from the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition set. I immediately became anxious that my collection wasn’t complete. It had become important that I had a set, a complete set and I had found that it was less than it should be.

But hang on a second… What am I thinking? I don’t need or use nearly any of these books, including Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Star Wars and many, many more.
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Four Days

Its takes Four days to prepare a festive meal.

Dragon Turkey for Christmas Dinner

Festive Meals, Not that easy

So In your next adventure for your next Dungeons & Dragons game. Remember that any Festival that the PC’s take part in takes a little more preparation than just going to the store. During this festive season think of your other wold counterpart.

Banquets & Battles

medieval banquet


An Army marches on its stomach , so the saying goes, but what goes into those stomachs. I’ve been looking into a medieval diet if that’s what you could call it. Continue reading