Taking my Medication

Tablets mean the world to a digital artist. That Is the Digital Artist Tablet not the kind from the pharmacy. No confusion there then.

I am just dipping my toes into that world of digital art. I love the worlds of Super Heroes, Dungeons and Dragons and Any form of Role-playing games. That is where I have taken my influence for these following pictures.  I like to have a Character drawing for every Character I play.

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The A to Z of Dungeon Mastering

The A2ZSo Dungeon Master, be It for Dungeons and Dragons, 13th Age, Pathfinder or for that matter any Role Playing game (RPG). You want to take charge, be the creator of your own game and possibly your own world.

You have your Players (PCs). You have your Dice. You have your Ideas. This Is just a small part of what goes on behind and In front of the GM’s screen.

Take a look through my Short A to Z of Dungeon Mastering…

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3D Terrain. The Cave of Malgor. Dungeons and Dragons

Here is what I created for my Dungeons and dragons 4e  RPG game. The roleplaying was made even more spectacular by my efforts and every player made me feel that making it was totally worth while. so here is how I did it. Not to hard and it took four days to make. This time scale was due to drying time.

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SOMEONE HAS PLANS FOR HARRGATE. Dungeons and Dragons Game Nov 2009

A Game written By  (Symatt)

Someone has plans for Harrgate. Very big and very bad plans. Far reaching nations, Guilds and Assassins make Small ripples in the political lake around Harrgate and  will soon become waves that will sweep away all personal freedoms. Heroes, three strangers who stumble across the edges of the insidious plot, can stand between evil reborn and save freedom from disaster, but only if they can trust each other, will they discover and stop the villainy who’s  deceiving everyone and who is sitting at the middle of this web of intrigue.” Continue reading

Malgor The Devourer. Dungeons & Dragons #4E Game

Here is what took place in the Dark Worlds of my Dungeons & Dragons game this February in Nottingham, at the 3rd #UKT3 D&D Tweetup. I Wanted there to be Role Play, roll play. Great friends fighting Foes with Blood and Glory. Here is their story.

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A Dragon-Born Every Minute

When a Paladin fails to follow his Gods rule then his power is taken from him. In Dungeons & Dragons this can manifest In so many ways. Here is just one of them.

The Energy of any God Is given but can so easily be taken away. In your next  Dungeons and Dragons or any RPG for that matter,  make it more dramatic. Describe the moment . Make the player feel what his PC feels. Ok, Do not hit He/She with a bat that’s not what I meant and you know it.

This is one of my best drawings to date. what do you say ?

Dungeons & Dragons 3D Terrain

Well I couldn’t put It any simpler. I am running a Dungeons & Dragons #4E game on February the 4th In Nottingham, here In the UK.

Role-Players love the visual. If you can achieve that without props then that’s some great description but from time to time in any #RPG be it Star wars or Call of Cthulhu then show them something and it will make your life as a GM (Game Master) that much more fun for you and your players. So roll them dice and let’s get on with what i have created.

So I took It upon myself to try my hand again at 3D terrain for the game. so here Is what I’ve done.

Canyon Wall:

view here is just a plain block of polystyrene taken from and packed items I had received in the past and kept.

Texture is added with heat

Texture is added by using a heat source. I heated a paint scraper and applied that to the surface.

paint is added in stages

At this point I am now adding paint. I used acrylic. First cover the surface with a black as shown close to the camera. then a layer of, In this case a brown then brushed over lightly with a dry brush with beige.

Four stages anti-clockwise.

Here together are the Four block stages.

Here, a view down to the door at the end.

And finally a view to the door created with the same techniques. Well what do you think?