Dungeons n Dragons. A Games Master’s Review

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This weekend just gone I went to Birmingham and the UK Games Expo.
Been to this event a few times now but this time decided to run Five Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition games. In doing this as a Game Master it granted me free entry to the whole weekend at the expo plus a room for two nights and expenses for food.

Of course I’m going to go for these options. All I had to do now was submit five 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game ideas and hope all were excepted.

Within a day I had written five short synopsis for each of my game ideas. Within days they were excepted.All I had to do now was write them…

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That isn’t always a good thing!

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On the Road to Somewhere

Why players kill in games (and why that isn’t always a good thing!) My brother asked me for an article on Kara Tur and tea houses and you know how it is with stream of conscious ideas; I got to thinking what is it that makes Oriental Dungeons & Dragons different from the ordinary game. I’m a big fan of Supers Roleplaying Games, (bear with me, there is a link) but I don’t run them very often because lots of players can’t see the reason why Batman doesn’t just shoot the Joker. Think of all of the lives that one bullet would have saved over the years. In normal Dungeons & Dragons, you kill the monsters and work your way up the chain of command until you can get close enough to kill the boss. Supers shouldn’t work that way but everyone wants to be the Punisher or Wolverine with Logan’s angst. Continue reading