The A to Z of Dungeon Mastering

The A2ZSo Dungeon Master, be It for Dungeons and Dragons, 13th Age, Pathfinder or for that matter any Role Playing game (RPG). You want to take charge, be the creator of your own game and possibly your own world.

You have your Players (PCs). You have your Dice. You have your Ideas. This Is just a small part of what goes on behind and In front of the GM’s screen.

Take a look through my Short A to Z of Dungeon Mastering…

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AquaMan aka Arthur Curry



Here Is what came about from a Conversation on twitter with some one who was feeling Very low at the time so I asked If I could draw something that would cheer her up. This is who she chose.

I think It did cheer her Up.

My train of thought and other strange happenings

Whenever I’m at work, my mind is always active but not always about my job. Roleplaying games are my passion. I eat it, sleep it, think it. I just do not get enough of it. D&D 4th Edition is my game of choice.
At the moment I’m on a train heading into England’s Capitol, London.

Work is the best time to think about stories and development of stories. I try to bring some of what I know into the games I run. Even though the games I run are few and far between.

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