Taking my Medication

Tablets mean the world to a digital artist. That Is the Digital Artist Tablet not the kind from the pharmacy. No confusion there then.

I am just dipping my toes into that world of digital art. I love the worlds of Super Heroes, Dungeons and Dragons and Any form of Role-playing games. That is where I have taken my influence for these following pictures.  I like to have a Character drawing for every Character I play.

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Cowboy Robot Superhero

SuperCowboy SuperCowboyBot CowboyBotshootout



This Is what I have been doing today.

The Drawing was @greywulf’s fault over on twitter. I asked and he said that he would like to see a cowboy Superhero. I thought It was kind of a Joke at first but then I said to myself why not.

Took a little bit of thinking and I came up with that drawing. Now i have coloured It and then placed it on a background, I’m very happy with It. plus I am getting the hang of some aspects of this art program that I have.

I will try and get some more done soon. Although my brother Is waiting for these Superheroes for his book. I was going to keep them secret. Hey I should show you anyway as you are my friends.

A Gathering of Super Heroes


This Is just a Quick Post. So quick that there isn’t much to It at all. Just that I have not placed anything here In a long time.

Been doing some drawing and here Is a few of them.  At some point I will paint these and post them again.

Marvel and DC super sketch day

I asked twitter and then I drew.

It was my Marvel and DC day. We had fun. This is what happened.

AquaMan aka Arthur Curry



Here Is what came about from a Conversation on twitter with some one who was feeling Very low at the time so I asked If I could draw something that would cheer her up. This is who she chose.

I think It did cheer her Up.

Books. I’e got Issues

Person reading a pile of books

When one is never enough.

Once again I was looking, lovingly, over my collection of roleplaying books. As I went through them, I discovered that there was a book I hadn’t bought yet from the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition set. I immediately became anxious that my collection wasn’t complete. It had become important that I had a set, a complete set and I had found that it was less than it should be.

But hang on a second… What am I thinking? I don’t need or use nearly any of these books, including Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Star Wars and many, many more.
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Classic Aquaman

A great Artist and friend on twitter @Kapellusch asks people for suggestions to draw heroes from DC universe and a couple of times now I have said that I would draw for him. So here is the one I did today. This is  drawn fast so technically not my best but im happy with the results .

Classic Aquaman Swimming Drawing

Classic Aquaman

That isn’t always a good thing!

Japanese Gate Drawing

On the Road to Somewhere

Why players kill in games (and why that isn’t always a good thing!) My brother asked me for an article on Kara Tur and tea houses and you know how it is with stream of conscious ideas; I got to thinking what is it that makes Oriental Dungeons & Dragons different from the ordinary game. I’m a big fan of Supers Roleplaying Games, (bear with me, there is a link) but I don’t run them very often because lots of players can’t see the reason why Batman doesn’t just shoot the Joker. Think of all of the lives that one bullet would have saved over the years. In normal Dungeons & Dragons, you kill the monsters and work your way up the chain of command until you can get close enough to kill the boss. Supers shouldn’t work that way but everyone wants to be the Punisher or Wolverine with Logan’s angst. Continue reading