The Guardian of the Gate. A Dungeons And Dragons Monster

They stands a good fifteen feet above your own head hight. They swing that Great Axe with accuracy. Throw Boulders and Rocks like a child on the beach. They are here to do one job and one job only. To stop you getting in.

This is Trevor, Tony & Tarquin. The Guardian of the gate.

TriClops Is one would hope, my own creation. Created to be set loose up on my Dungeons & Dragons players at the next #UKT3 meet up here in the UK in Nottingham on the 4th of February. Once that day is passed i shall be posting the Stat Block that my Good Friend from across the world @DMSamuel created To challenge my players.

So here they are. you do not have to be gentle because they won’t.

Trevor, Tony & Tarquin

Here is the stat block as Created by @DMSamuel. Enjoy