Taking my Medication

Tablets mean the world to a digital artist. That Is the Digital Artist Tablet not the kind from the pharmacy. No confusion there then.

I am just dipping my toes into that world of digital art. I love the worlds of Super Heroes, Dungeons and Dragons and Any form of Role-playing games. That is where I have taken my influence for these following pictures.  I like to have a Character drawing for every Character I play.

I still draw and paint as If I was using a pencil and brush. I am sure this will change as I get to know what I am doing.  As you can see I have a long way to go.

Here is an example of what I have been doing over the few days that I have had my tablet (intuos 5).

Feel free to give me feed back or even drop me any useful links that will help me on my way.

A scan of a drawing I did

A scan of a drawing I did

This first picture as you can see Is my drawing which I did a few weeks ago and scanned It Into the computer. I wasn’t confident to draw straight from Tablet on to the screen yet.

Getting Hands on

Getting Hands on

This Is as Far as I had gotten before I thought that saving my files would be a good move. remembering to do this at a good increment needs getting used to.

Going at a nice pace

Going at a nice pace

Not knowing how things are done, I just plodded on in the fashion that I was used to with paper. Yet I am very pleased on how this picture is coming along. Learning new skills like layers has been an amazing eye opener. traditional art means if you do It wrong then you Start again or except the mistake. Not any more.

small things

small things

Doing the detail I have found challenging to say the least. Getting In close to the picture you lose the overall look as you change tone and Colour of what the final look Is going to be. Doing everything in sections and then not having the skill or know how was frustrating to say the least.

Moving on

Moving on

Trying out new features of a computer program and tablet Is so much fun. If there Is something that I am not to sure about there happens to be a YouTube video that will cover it. I have spent a good deal of my time drawing trying to understand what the fantastic artist on the net have done to achieve what they have.



This Is my final. It Is nowhere near the incredible standard that people have got to. This Is my learning time and I would like to think In a few Months, no In a few years time I may have gotten to a standard that I can truly call myself an Artist. A Digital Artist.

What follows is a couple of drawings I did before the main one. Note that the Zombie I drew with the pen tablet. no scanning Involved. I will now take please In the fact that a few of you here on the Inter-webs will take the time to look at these and If so inclined leave me a comment. Tell me straight but not to straight OK.

Slender SketchSlender FinalA Zombie for any Call of Cthulhu game I should think. SAN roll please.

Iron FistIron Fist final

The skull within was a total accident. I like happy accidents

Finished. For now. Catchya soon. See you on Twitter . @symatt

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  1. Looks great mate, I remember when I started using a tablet and the struggle was two fold, getting my hand to interpret what my brain could do through a tablet, whilst looking at a screen. And also wrestling with the programme I was using, first CS5 then moved on to Manga Studio (the lastest version means you can colour as well as draw, so less and less reason to go back to Photoshop). Manga took me a long while, to get where I wanted to be, and my biggest struggle now is with my tablet. Which being a Bamboo, isn’t sensitive enough for the fine line work I like to do in my shading. But I feel my digital work is now getting to the level of my old traditional way of working, and will soon surpass it. One thing you mentioned above is zooming in whilst loosing the overall feel, usually there is some sort of navigator window, which gives you the whole image whilst you look at a smaller part. The other thing might be to have two monitors but I guess that opens up a whole new dimension in stuff.

    Anyway you can clearly see a definite progress in your work mate, the more confident you became with it, the more you will find what you like and start to see the hard work pay off in spades.

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