Beverages Made Epic


Well you are at your favourite games table.  Be it Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu or any other RPG. You reach for that choice of drink. You know the one. That one that hits the special place in your thirst.
Today it’s just not as epic as the game. Well hang in there, there is help on its way.

The contents of the tin isn’t important but as you can see here I happen to have had a gorgeous Japanese beer.


First I drink the beer. Easy part.
Then using an everyday can opener remove the top. This works very well, giving a nice clean edge.


Maje sure the tin is clean and dry. Hot soapy water which is something easily come by.
I purchased some car spray paints for the next level.

A vase painting using a primer. Its sats you should sand the surface down after each coat but I kind if want that imperfect look later in the process.


Now this is the foundation and the rest just gets easier.
I chose gold for my first time attempt.


Once again you are told to sand diwn after each spray but I didn’t want to be to perfect.


You may not see much change to this one but I have given it a lacquer. So no it shines.  Im going to try patterns next time. Be a little more creative.


This is the four stages.

Now, at your next visit to the game table you and your beverages will look as Epic as the Game you are playing.


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